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Joint workshop start smart and bio-technopark

Strategic intellectual property management for start-ups / spin-offs / smes


Dr. Bernhard Hostettler


Protection of Intellectual Properties (Patents, Designs and Trademarks) is expensive. However, for innovative young companies that need financing it is a must!


How can I manage an optimized IP-Portfolio at affordable costs? What do I need to set-up a professional IP-management and what does it cost? How do I put this into practice? What dos that do for me?


The participants know the different IP-rights. They learn and are able to define the optimal IP strategy best fitting to their business strategy. They know how to professionally organise their IP portfolio and how to manage it cost effectively.

Course preparations

Until 5 days before the course starts you may e-mail your questions to the speaker. Questions you would like to be answered during the course. They will be answered by working in groups. If available: bring your notebook for working online.

Date and Time

7th November 2018, 12:30 - 17:00


startup space, Wiesenstrasse 5, 8952 Schlieren


Free of charge for tenants / members of Start Smart Schlieren or Bio-Technopark Schlieren

CHF 50.- for non-members

*The costs include handouts of the presentation

Closing date

25th October 2018

Number of participants

max. 30 (fully booked)






IP brush-up

  • Brief introduction to patent rights (national, regional, international applications; Substance patents, system patents, method and software patents) and to design, trademark and copyrights.
  • Different approaches (strategies) for IP protection.
  • Opportunities and risks of the different strategies.


  • Calculation of costs for patents, trademarks and designs.
  • Cost estimation for patent (and literature) monitoring.
  • Discussion of IP decisions by means of real cases of the industry.
  • Search opportunities in the Internet. (Collection of links and practical trainings on the internet).


  • Analysis of your own IP portfolio.
  • Defintion of your IP strategy fitting to your business strategy.
  • Comparison and monitoring of your competitors'IP.
  • Set-up of your own monitoring system and implementation of your IP management.

Acquired knowledge

  • Basics of intangible property rights (Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Copyright, etc.)
  • Capability to decide when which right is applicable and when to resign.
  • Knowing the value of IP. In- and out licensing, sale, strategic alliances.
  • Taking the right decisions in case of infringements
  • To become acquainted with tools for IP management.
  • Searching in free databases, software for patent- andliterature manitoring.


  • "Checklist" as a basis for defining your own IP strategy. Code of practice to implement a patent and literature monitoring.
  • "Cascade of contracts": How to start negotiations and with which agreements.